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Book our 25km eco-tour

The eco tour is our shorter 25km tour (about 1.5h) with our buggys with lots to see. We will show you amazing scenery in the time available.

This option is probably more suited for people with less time or if you don’t swap driver <> passenger as compared to our regular tour. The eco tour costs 105 € per buggy. Each buggy has 2 seats for both the driver and a passenger.

Select the preferred date below and enter the amount of buggy’s you would like to book. We request a 50€ deposit per buggy while making the booking. Our eco tour is available on Tuesday and Saturday. Interested in other dates? Contact us via whatsapp on +34 616 46 73 65 (also whatsapp) or +32 477 44 17 16 (also whatsapp), or by mail:, and we will see what we can do!

No tours available.

Or book our 3h regular tour



Regular Tour

175/ 50km (3 HOURS)
  • 1 buggy (2 persons)
  • 50km (~3 hours ride)
  • Fun guaranteed
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Eco Tour

105/ 25km (1,5 hour)
  • 1 buggy (2 persons)
  • 25 km (~1,5 hour ride)
  • Fun guaranteed
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