Rules & Advices

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Our rules & FAQ

To ensure a safe and pleasant tour we ask:


  • to present a valid driver’s license
  • we request a 50€ advance payment per buggy when booking. You may cancel and we refund 100% up to 24 hours before the start of the tour.
  • no consumption of alcohol before and during the trips
  • minimum height of the participants is 120cm
  • not recommended for pregnant women
  • drive responsible and handle our buggy’s with respect (we do go fast but it’s not a racing tour)
  • any damage you may cause by not following the rules must be reimbursed
  • Buggy Andalucia can not be held responsible for any damage or personal injury that may occur
  • follow the instructions given during the rides
  • you acknowledge and agree that the ride can be discontinued if the supervisor finds irresponsible driving in the group. You also agree that in that case there is no entitlement to a partial or full refund of the amount paid at the start of the ride.
  • to wear closed shoes (we do have some old shoes available for you in different sizes to help you out)
  • bring fresh clothes, during the tour you may get wet and dirty. (taxi drivers may refuse you)
  • if you have contact lenses we advice you to bring cleaning materials for them
  • sun cream is recommended for arms, legs and face
  • a jacket is recommended during colder season
  • our regular tour is 50km, the eco tour is 25km. Both last about 3 hours and 1,5 hours. These timings are an indication. The duration varies depending on group size, group behaviour, weather conditions etc.

Zodat iedereen van een leuke rit kan genieten vragen we:


  • een geldig rijbewijs voor te leggen
  • we vragen een voorschot van 50€ per buggy tijdens het boeken. Annuleren is mogelijk tot 24u voor de aanvang van de geboekte rit.
  • geen alcohol te gebruiken voor en tijdens de rit
  • minimum grootte van de deelnemers is 120 cm
  • deelname door zwangere vrouwen wordt afgeraden
  • rij verantwoord en met respect (we gaan wel snel, maar het is geen racetour)
  • eventueel door u toegebrachte schade dient vergoed te worden
  • Buggy Andalucia kan niet verantwoordelijk gesteld worden voor opgelopen schade of letsels
  • u volgt de gegeven instructies goed op
  • u erkent en gaat ermee akkoord dat de rit op elk moment gestopt kan worden wanneer de verantwoordelijke vindt dat er onverantwoord rijgedrag vertoond wordt. U gaat er tevens mee akkoord dat in zulk geval er geen terugbetaling van de vooraf betaalde deelnamekosten kan gebeuren.
  • draag gesloten schoenen (er zijn er wel wat beschikbaar in verschillende maten die je kunt gebruiken)
  • verse kledij meebrengen, want tijdens de rit kan u namelijk nat en vuil worden (taxichauffeurs zouden u kunnen weigeren)
  • als u contactlenzen draagt, best reinigingsmateriaal hiervoor meebrengen
  • zonnecrème is zeker aangeraden voor armen, benen en gezicht
  • een jas is aangeraden tijdens de koudere periodes van het jaar
  • our regular tour is 50km, the eco tour is 25km. Both last about 3 hours and 1,5 hours. These timings are an indication. The duration varies depending on group size, group behaviour, weather conditions etc.
  • tijdens onze regular tour leggen we een afstand af van 50km, tijdens de eco tour is dat 25km. De duurtijd van beide is respectievelijk 3 uur en 1,5 uur. Deze tijden zijn indicaties en hangen af van hoeveel buggy’s er rijden, de dynamiek en attitude van de deelnemers en andere zaken zoals de weersomstandigheden.

Para garantizar un recorrido seguro y agradable, pedimos a todos nuestros clientes:


  • presentar una licencia de conducir válida
  • sin consumo de alcohol antes y durante los viajes
  • la altura mínima de los participantes es de 120 cm
  • no recomendado para mujeres embarazadas
  • conducir responsable y manejar nuestros buggy con respeto (Si crees que este es un tour de carreras, no es para ti)
  • cualquier daño que pueda causar al no seguir las reglas debe ser reembolsado
  • buggy andalucia no se hace responsable de ningún daño o lesión personal que pueda ocurrir
  • seguirás las instrucciones dadas durante los paseos
  • Usted reconoce y acepta que el viaje puede ser descontinuado si el supervisor considera que la conducción irresponsable en el grupo. También acepta que en ese caso no hay derecho a un reembolso parcial o total de la cantidad pagada al comienzo del recorrido


  • usar zapatos cerrados
  • traer ropa fresca, durante el recorrido puede mojarse y ensuciarse (los taxistas pueden rechazarlo si viene en taxi)
  • si tiene lentes de contacto, le recomendamos que traiga los materiales de limpieza
  • la crema solar también se recomienda para brazos, piernas y cara
  • se recomienda una chaqueta durante la temporada más fría

Pour assurer une conduite en toute sécurité nous vous demandons:


  • présenter un permis de conduire valide
  • pas de consommation d’alcool avant et pendant les voyages
  • la taille minimum des participants est de 120 cm
  • déconseillé aux femmes enceintes
  • conduire responsable et gérer notre buggy avec respect (ce n’est pas une course)
  • tout dommage que vous pourriez causer en ne respectant pas les règles doit être remboursé
  • Buggy Andalucia ne peut être tenu responsable des dommages ou blessures pouvant en résulter
  • vous suivrez les instructions données pendant le trajet
  • vous reconnaissez et acceptez que la conduite peut être interrompue si le superviseur constate une conduite irresponsable dans le groupe. Vous convenez également que dans ce cas, le droit à une révision partielle ou complète du montant versé n’est pas possible


  • porter des chaussures fermées
  • apporter des vêtements propres, vous pourriez être mouillé et sale pendant le trajet. (les chauffeurs de taxi peuvent vous refuser)
  • si vous avez des lentilles de contact, nous vous conseillons de leur apporter du matériel de nettoyage
  • la crème solaire est également recommandée pour les bras, les jambes et le visage
  • une veste est recommandée pendant la saison froide

Um eine sichere und angenehme Tour zu gewährleisten, bitten wir alle unsere Kunden:


  • einen gültigen Führerschein vorlegen
  • Kein Alkoholkonsum vor und während der Fahrten
  • die Mindestgröße der Teilnehmer beträgt 120 cm
  • nicht für schwangere Frauen empfohlen
  • Fahre verantwortungsbewusst und gehe respektvoll mit unseren Buggys um. (dies ist nicht eine Renntour)
  • Schäden, die durch Nichtbeachtung der Vorschriften verursacht werden, sind zu erstatten
  • Buggy Andalucia kann nicht für eventuelle Schäden oder Personenschäden verantwortlich gemacht werden
  • Sie werden die Anweisungen während der Fahrten befolgen
  • Sie erkennen an und stimmen zu, dass die Fahrt abgebrochen werden kann, wenn der Vorgesetzte verantwortungsloses Fahren in der Gruppe feststellt. Sie stimmen auch zu, dass in diesem Fall kein Anspruch auf eine teilweise oder vollständige Rückerstattung des gezahlten Betrags besteht.


  • geschlossene Schuhe tragen
  • frische Kleidung mitzubringen, während der Tour können Sie nass und schmutzig werden. (Taxifahrer können Sie ablehnen)
  • Wenn Sie Kontaktlinsen haben, empfehlen wir Ihnen, Reinigungsmittel mitzubringen
  • Sonnencreme wird für Arme, Beine und Gesicht empfohlen
  • In der kälteren Jahreszeit wird eine Jacke empfohlen

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get to Buggy Andalucia?

We are located in Cartama (Arrabal Au-42 La Fabriquilla, 29580 Estacion Cartama), you can reach us with an easy 15 min trainride from Malaga station! Get out of the train at the Cartama station and from there it’s a 10/15min walk to our doorstep. We will be waiting there to greet you!

Can I book a group events?

Currently the maximum amount of buggy’s you can book is 6. This means groups of 12 people are able to ride at one time if all slots are still available. Since there are two persons per buggy, the driver and passenger in one buggy switch a few times throughout the tour. If you are with 13, one person can ride along with the tour guide.

For special events, you may always call me on my mobile. We can arrange different dates or times for your special needs.

Is there an age restriction?

There is for the driver because he has to have a valid drivers license. No age restrictions apply for the passengers but for every participant there is a minimum required height of 120 cm.

Is there a weight restriction?

The buggies can carry a maximum weight of 200kg (440lb).

Is there a height restriction?

For every participant there is a minimum required height of 120 cm

Do I need a drivers license?

The driver of the buggy needs a valid drivers license. The passenger does not.

How do we pay?

Currently payment is possible online with either your Paypal account or by credit card. We require a deposit to be paid when booking. The remaining amount can be paid on-site by cash, credit card or most debet cards.

If you would like to make a reservation but don’t have a creditcard, you could pay by wire/bank transfer. Contact us by mail or phone +34 616 46 73 65 (whatsapp is also an option) and we will help you!

Are food and drinks included?

No, but during the tour we take a stop at a nice restaurant where you can buy tapas and drinks if you want.

Can I just show up without a reservation?

No, a reservation is needed to ensure there is  buggy available. You can make your reservation here directly on our website.

Do I need an insurance?

An insurance is included in the tour. You will need to supply us with your personal details for an insurance before the tour starts.

Can we rent a buggy without participating on a tour?

No, all Buggy Andalucia Adventure tours are accompanied by our tour leader. On one hand for your own safety and on the other so that you can enjoy even more because of his driving skills and knowledge about the region.

Can your buggy's drive on the road?

Yes, they are licensed to ride on and off road. However, our tours are for the most part of the tour OFF ROAD.

What do I have to bring on the day of the tour?

You will need to bring a valid driving license on the day of the tour. Our buggies can only be driven by those that own a driving license and have brought it with them. The passenger can be without driving license and there’s no age restrictions.

Fresh clothes are recommended cause you may get wet and dirty during the tour

Closed shoes are also mandatory

Happy faces are appreciated

What kind of clothing do I wear?

We recommend to wear caring clothing, but of course you are welcome to wear shorts or skirts. Furthermore you are not allowed to drive a buggy with high heels, sandals, bare feet or flip flops. If you wear quick drying clothing (like sports clothes), we can rinse you down after the tour and you are good to go. In the warm months this can be a good option!

What if we have more passengers than drivers?

If you have 1 extra passenger it’s possible to place one in the buggy with the tour guide. This for only 75 euro.

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